More Health aims to provide better health
management for more people.
Company Profile

More Health is a digital company focus on healthy behaviors, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to improve overall health outcomes in China by promoting the idea of shifting from treatment to prevention through digital capacity and bringing people more health and more happiness.

Now, More Health has generated more than 1 billion RMB investment, investors include Sunshine Insurance, CITIC Capital, Agricultural Bank International, Jiangzhong Chinese Medicine Fund, Pacific Insurance, and other well-known domestic and foreign investment institutions. More Health has also served for more than 80 million users.

In 2019, More Health ranked No. 15 on VCBEAT Future 100 Health Care as an innovative health management model.

Billion Investment
Million Users
Ranked Number VCBEAT Future 100 Health Care

More Internet Hospital

Internet Health Service Platform

AI Calculation
Professional Medical Team

More Pharmacy

Digital Medication Retailer

Electronic Medical Record
1 on 1 Medication Guidance

More Insurance

Interactive Insurance Solution

Insurance + Health Management
Risk Assessment
Claims Services

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