A series of intelligent health solutions
for enterprise & individuals.
Insurance + Health Management
M-TPA Platform

More Health's platform 'M-TPA' provides chronic disease management, risk reduction management, medical services for insurance providers.

Intelligent Underwriting

More Health helps insurance providers to deliver underwriting conclusions and risk forecasts through analysis from risk assessment and enrollment rules.

Interactive Insurance Policy

More Health helps insurance providers to upgrade existing insurance products and services in terms of interactivity, differentiated pricing, and fee control using AI health butler.

Intelligent Claim Settlement

More Health helps insurance providers better connect to health services and reduce clients' risk through daily management.

Fast Win Platform

More Health helps insurance providers train and certify 8 million agents for health consultants. We also help our partners improve insurance sales efficiency through health monitoring, private AI health butler services, and agent training camps, etc.

Mobile Wellness Portal

More Health monitors the user's health behaviors. Intellectually pushes information, enhances user interaction, and provides professional health analysis for digital hardware users.

Customized App

More Health provides customized health tools to improve user loyalty to the brand.

Content Output

More Health provides personalized wellness programs to increase user activity and retention rates with gamified operations.

Product Delivery

More Health provides an open data SDK interface that includes technical, service, and operational support for health services, e-shops, etc., and increase user pull-in and cash-out channels.

Interactive Wellness Journey

More Health uses behavioral intervention as a management tool and insurance coverage as a means of payment to increase user adhesion.

Enterprise Employee Health Program

More Health provides enterprise a total health program solution to reduce the cost of employees' benefits while managing their health.

Employee Health Program

Provides value-added services, increase employees' benefit.

Provides continuous data tracking and health intervention, improve employees' level of health.

Provides employees incentive plan, develop healthy behaviors.

Enterprise Infirmary

Provides 24/7 national wide telemedicine, medical check-up appointment, emergency services access.

Provides 30 categories, 4000+ medication stock-keeping unites, provides fast and convenient services to customers.

Provides better care anytime, anywhere through More Health monitoring machines.

Customized Group Insurance

Provides personalized group insurance based on behavior data.

Provides interactive insurance to improve employee's health status and reduce employer's insurance spending.

Healthy City Platform

More Health helps local governments build 'mobile health & management programs' to better serve the local community and reduce medical costs.

Improve Government Health Record

Provides multi-dimension health data through collaboration with local medical services, medical check-up centers, rehab centers.

Overall Intervention Plan

More Health tracks data through smart wearable devices push personalized health services. The user completes tasks to receive redemption gifts.

Continuously Data Monitoring

More Health APP continuously monitors user's daily health data.

Interactive Management Service

The user receives More Health coins as rewards and exchange for services or digital hardware to improve health awareness.

Healthy Wuhan Project

More Health participates in the construction of the Healthy Wuhan APP, responsible for data monitoring and operation of the health e-shop.

Pharmacy + Service + Insurance

More Health is a combination of health management, internet hospital, online pharmacy, and insurance. We aim to provide customized insurance products for pharmaceutical companies, chronic disease management, personalized wellness plan, and elite customer service platform.

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Customized Insurance

More Health provides customized insurance for pharmaceutical companies based on disease features and usage of medication.

Privatized Prescription
Flow and Customer Service Platform

More Health is aiming to provide privatized prescription flow and customer service platforms through technology, services, qualification, and delivery ability.

Pharmaceutical and
Chronic Disease Services

More Health provides follow up consultation, notification for medication, data monitoring, health prescription, and interactive medication usage education and chronic disease management services.

Online & Offline
Pharmaceutical Retail

More Health provides online and offline retail services and delivery services to serve the customers’ needs better.