Redefine AIoT wellness center.
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Canada Wellness Institute (China) provides a comprehensive assessment before a personal wellness plan. Based on the assessment report, we combine More Health’s big data analytic skills and personalized digital solutions and providing a wellness prescription, including a healthy diet, medical fitness, sleep, and stress management. We help our members adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

After leaving the site, the online health management platform provides 24/7 data tracking feedback to members, monitoring their body data, exercise tracking, and sleep monitoring, realizing "online + offline, on-site + off-site" comprehensive health management.

In the future, Canada Wellness Institute (China) will accelerate to establish more sites and explore more cross-border cooperation models through full cooperation with hospitals, real estate, insurance. We are committed to building a new health management species that integrates medical fitness, chronic disease rehabilitation, health management, and new health retail.

Taihe Hospital Canada Wellness Institute
Taihe Hospital Canada Wellness Institute fully embraced the concept and model from Canada. Combined with Taihe Hospital Wudang Mountain site’s elite medical resources and Canada’s practical experiences, Taihe Wellness provides subhealth management, medical check-up, chronic disease management and prevention, traditional Chinese medicine, and rehab services.
China Pacific Insurance Company Canada Wellness Institute
CPIC Canada Wellness Institute is a pioneer in the insurance industry. It suits for insurance clients and provides the best of care of lifestyle medicine. CPIC Wellness combines technology, brand, big data, wellness, artificial intelligence from both companies and successfully builds an online and offline health management close loop. CPIC Wellness is aiming to become the local representative, national representative, and globally representative, the flagship of the combination of insurance and health management.
Rizhao Tcm Hospital Canada Wellness Institute
Rizhao Traditional Chinese Medicine Canada Wellness Institute includes fitness, health monitoring, rehab, wellness, and tourism. It is professional fitness guidance and wellness service facility. We are aiming to convert the idea of treating the disease into preventing the disease. We also are providing medical check-up, assessment, intervention, treatment, and rehab services. Through lifestyle changes to modify current conditions, accelerate the process of recovery, and better managing chronic diseases.
Beijing Jinmao Eastern Garden Canada Wellness Institute
Beijing Jinmao Canada Wellness Institute uses IoT technologies through wearable devices and smart build-ins. Our technology is serving hotel guests/members and monitors their daily activities and night sleep. Then, upload the data into the cloud to let wellness around you anywhere, anytime. For illness members, we set alerts to lower the risk of accidents and provide help as needed.